Born in Montreal.

A family business

Our adventure begins in 1975, when the brothers Richard and Michel Rouillier, two young people already passionate about jewelry, attend an exhibition of classic French goldsmithery. By observing jewelry over a hundred years old, they realized that it was still as sparkling and full of beauty.

It was the inspiration for a long career in jewelry that began and continues today.

Montreal identity

For more than 45 years, RMR has forged its style by marrying European vintage lines with modern minimalist accents in order to assert the identity of its creations. Proud of its Montreal origin, RMR contributes to promoting the local artistic culture through the expression of its entirely handcrafted jewelry. 

Ethical Luxury

RMR responds to the demand of its customers who want to ensure that their gold, diamonds or other precious materials come from non-conflict zones. We maintain a strict policy towards our business partners and we source from local companies that share our values.


We prioritize trust and transparency in relationships with our customers. Our fair pricing policy allows us to stand out and develop a solid relationship with the people around us.

Visit Our Workshop

Montreal. 1255 Phillips Square. Suite 314.

+1 514 866-0435