We buy your gold

We buy your gold at a competitive price while providing you with a detailed analysis



About the service

Weighing your gold and estimating the value of the stock

As a leading manufacturer of luxury gold jewellery and your trusted companion for all your jewellery services, we understand you may have some jewelry that deserve new life without compromising their value. For this reason, we invite you to consult with one of our knowledgeable experts and exchange your gold and platinum for a competitive price, with a detailed analysis. In our Montreal offices, we weigh your gold stock in front of you using a specialized scale before any handling. Following the weighing, we set an approximate price that reflects the market value of your gold stock before we melt it in 24K solid gold.

We do not initiate any process before having received your prior consent. 

Metal smelting and technical analysis

We melt your gold in order to reduce it to pure 24K gold, in your presence.

Once your gold has been reduced to a 24K bar, we do a technical analysis with specialized equipment that confirms the pure amount of 24K gold content.

Instant payout

Once the analysis is complete, we instantly pay you the value of your gold stock.

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