The Value of Treated Diamonds

Diamonds processed and fraud.

Treated diamonds are often called clarity enhanced diamonds in the jargon of jewelers. What do they mean and what is their resale value?

The diamonds treated are diamonds whose quality has supposedly been improved through specific treatments. Indeed, this technique aims to modify the visual appearance of diamonds of inferior quality.

To maximize their chance of selling their lower quality diamonds, some traders will drill or heat them to improve their appearance. The filling of internal ruptures in the diamond makes it more brilliant.

Without being a specialist in the field, these modifications are imperceptible to the naked eye and have a direct impact on the physical characteristics of the diamond as well as on its value..

Before purchasing a treated or color enhanced diamond, it is imperative to assess the implications of these treatments on several factors.


Physical impacts

Although they work for a large number of less cautious customers, the diamonds treated have several problematic characteristics.

Treating a diamond is equivalent to modifying its superlative qualities and withdrawing its primary quality; extreme resistance. A treated diamond is no longer resistant to thermal shock or high pressure, for example. These modifications make several manipulation impossible and weaken the diamonds enormously. In many cases, jewelry containing treated diamonds cannot be repaired since the diamonds would break under the effect of heat or pressure.

A large number of jewelers do not mention the treatments carried out on diamonds and only mention CE for Clarity Enhanced.

Modifying a natural diamond to make it brighter or lighter has a direct impact on its value. This process allows certain jewelers to sell diamond jewelry at lower prices without necessarily informing the customer. The resale value of the diamonds treated is greatly affected and can be zero in the vast majority of cases.


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