Laboratory Diamonds

Laboratory Diamonds

Do they have value?

In theory, spending less money on a diamond that is not from a conflict zone seems like a great idea.

However, few people know the true value of laboratory designed diamonds. Indeed, although these are less expensive than natural diamonds, they have practically no resale value. In the vast majority of cases, jewelers who have sold laboratory diamonds will not offer the opportunity to redeem the stones.

Diamond price trend

Diamonds created in the laboratory have virtually no resale value.

- Michael Fried -

The price of diamonds fluctuates over time depending on various factors.

As far as natural diamonds are concerned, their price has shown a constant increasing trend for decades.

Diamonds designed in the laboratory show a decreasing value curve. More and more jewelry retailers are offering these synthetic diamonds as an ecological and economical alternative without necessarily informing their customers of the low investment value.

Laboratory diamonds have the same chemical characteristics as natural diamonds from mines. These synthetic stones are offered to consumers by many jewelry stores and are presented as an economical and ethical option. It is however advisable to be well informed before obtaining it.


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